Macross Frontier Characters Group—-Klan Klang And Mikhail Cosplay

Macross Frontier cosplay

Klan Klang And Mikhail from animation Macross Frontier

Cosers: Ted and Envirion
Photographer: Bert Le
Cosplay Lightspot: the sea photographing sceneary and the two cosers’ cute actions

P.S. This photo gives me a happy feeling when i see it, no matter the beautiful sea sceneary but the two cosers’ happy mood affect me. I think a good cosplay is a cosplay which will give people a happy feeling when it is a vivid cosplay at the same time. I can identify who is Klan Klang by watching their cosplay attires. For example, i know who is Klan Klang when i see her purple long Klan Klang boots.

My own Klan Klang cosplay boots displaying:

Macross Frontier cosplay shoes

Macross Frontier Klan Klang Cosplay Boots



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