EVA Asuka Cosplay

shoes cosplay

Photographer: Anthony Lee
Cosplay Lightspot: beautiful coser and beautiful photographing sceneary

I am attracted by this EVA Asuka Cosplay because this coser is so cute and charming!!! Do you think so?

My own EVA Asuka Cosplay boots displaying:

Cosplay shoes

EVA Asuka Red Short Cosplay Boots


Sailor Venus / Minako Aino From Sailor Moon Cosplay

Sailor Moon cosplay

Sailor Moon cosplay

Are you interested in this Sailor Venus / Minako Aino From Sailor Moon Cosplay? I love it so much —– the coser shows me a sexy and beautiful Sailor Venus / Minako Aino. Do you think so?
I am interested in her orange Sailor Venus / Minako Aino cosplay shoes —- so cute and attractive. I think this is an important cosplay accessory in her Sailor Venus / Minako Aino cosplay.
Coser: Minako Aino
Photographer: Ran Akaharu
Cosplay Lightspot: cosplay costumes and accessories

My own Sailor Venus / Minako Aino cosplay shoes displaying:

Sailor Moon cosplay shoe

Sailor Moon Minako Aino Sailor Venus Cosplay Shoes


Hetalia China Cosplay Photoshooting Displaying

Shoes cosplay

Shoes cosplay1

Do you think the photography sceneary is so beautiful and make you have a comfortable feeling? I feel so good onli if i see this set of cosplay photoshoots. China is my favourite anime character in this animation Hetalia. Who is your favourite?

I plan to do a Hetalia China cosplay recently when everything is well prepared:) The following is a pair of Hetalia China cosplay boots which i will wear for my Hetalia China cosplay:

cosplay shoes

Hetalia China Cosplay Boots


Macross Frontier Ranka Lee Cosplay

Macross Frontier cosplay

Ranka Lee from Macross Frontier

Coser / Submitter: April
Photographer: Layna
Cosplay Lightspot: I like her whole Ranla Lee cosplay dressing

My Comment: This coser’s whole Ranka Lee cosplay dressing are so cute from her cosplay costumes to her cosplay accessories—-her cosplay wig and her cosplay boots (black boots with bows—so cute). So i think you also need a same one if you plan to csplay Ranka Lee.

My own Macross Frontier Ranka Lee Cosplay boots displaying:

Macross Frontier cosplay shoes

Macross Frontier Ranka Lee Bow Cosplay Boots

Kingdom Hearts Characters Group —–Terra And Ven Cosplay

shoes cosplay

Terra and Ven from video game Kingdom Hearts

Cosers: Court and her friends
Photographer: Tony Quan
Cosplay Lightspot: their unique cosplay dressing

P.S. Do you have a amazing feeling when you see this cosplay photo? I have a cool feeling when i see this Kingdom Hearts characters group Cosplay. I like their unique cosplay costumes and cosplay props—-interesting weapons.

My own Kingdom Hearts Terra cosplay boots displaying:

cosplay shoes

Kingdom Hearts Terra Cosplay Boots

Macross Frontier Characters Group—-Klan Klang And Mikhail Cosplay

Macross Frontier cosplay

Klan Klang And Mikhail from animation Macross Frontier

Cosers: Ted and Envirion
Photographer: Bert Le
Cosplay Lightspot: the sea photographing sceneary and the two cosers’ cute actions

P.S. This photo gives me a happy feeling when i see it, no matter the beautiful sea sceneary but the two cosers’ happy mood affect me. I think a good cosplay is a cosplay which will give people a happy feeling when it is a vivid cosplay at the same time. I can identify who is Klan Klang by watching their cosplay attires. For example, i know who is Klan Klang when i see her purple long Klan Klang boots.

My own Klan Klang cosplay boots displaying:

Macross Frontier cosplay shoes

Macross Frontier Klan Klang Cosplay Boots


Hetalia: Axis Powers —- Hong Kong Cosplay

Hetalia: Axis Powers cosplay

Hong Kong from animation Hetalia: Axis Powers

Coser / Submitter: Adnarimification—Nickname
Photographer: Nikineko
Cosplay Lightspot: I like her cute posture

P.S. I firstly attracted by her red cosplay costumes of Hong Kong then i langhed when i see his cute but cool posture—-“Does he want to fight?” I think you can imitate some interesting or cool postures of the character you will cosplay, this will help your cosplay have some lightspots which will help you attract people’s attention.

My own Hetalia: Axis Powers —- Hong Kong Cosplay boots displaying:

Hetalia: Axis Powers cosplay

Hetalia Hong Kong Cosplay Boots


Macross Frontier Sheryl Nome Cosplay

Macross Frontier cosplay

Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier

Cosplayer / Submitter: KawaiiP13 (penname)
Cosplay Lightspot: I like her Sheryl Nome red cosplay boots

P.S. This is a cute cosplay of Sheryl Nome and her whole Sheryl Nome cosplay costume are so fantasy and attractive. I think her Sheryl Nome red cosplay boots is the lightspot of her whole Sheryl Nome cosplay costumes. So you can use some significant cosplay accessories to highlight your cosplay such as: significant shoes, hats, jewelries and so on.

My own Sheryl Nome cosplay boots displaying and i think you will need it for your cute Sheryl Nome cosplay:

cosplay shoes

Macross Frontier Sheryl Nome Pink Cosplay Boots


Final Fantasy Rikku Cosplay

Final Fantasy cosplay

Rikku (as a Gunner) from Final Fantasy X-2
Cosplayer / Submitter: Faybulous
Photographer: Garam & Dall

P.S. I love this cosplay very much so i would like to share with you:) I think this coser shows us a cool Rikku as a gunner from video game Final Fantasy by wearing the same attires as this character(same cosplay gunner costumes and same cosplay wig) and matching with a cool posture. This coser’s whole cosplay Rikku dressing is use blue as a background color and this color is suitable for her cosplay Rikuu light yellow cosplay wig and her Rikku cosplay orange vest. I think if this coser can wear a pair of blue Rikku cosplay boots and this cosplay will be more perfect.

My own Final Fantasy Rikku cosplay boots displaying:

Final Fantasy cosplay costumes

Final Fantasy Rikku Short Cosplay Boots


Kingdom Hearts II Group Cosplay

Kingdom Hearts Cosplay

Cosplay theme: Kingdom Hearts II cosplay
Characters: Yuna, Rikku and Paine
Cosers: Dobes, Solo and Nina
Photographer: Amanda
Cosplay Lightspots: Yuna cosplay boots—so attractive!

My Comment: These cosers show us three real Kingdom Hearts characters: Yuna, Rikku and Paine. I want to say that the coser’s Yuna cosplay boots attract my attention when i see this photo because it is in the obvious place of the photo—it is the lightspot of the cosplay. So you shoud prepare some significant things of the character you will cosplay in order to help your cosplay have lightspots.

My own Yuna cosplay boots (pink) displaying:

Kingdom Hearts Cosplay shoes

Kingdom Hearts II Yuna Cosplay Boots