Beat Group Cosplay: Hetalia cosplay

Hetalia Group Cosplay

Hetalia Group Cosplay

Do you like these Hetalia cosplay photoshoots I share with you? You will find that Hetalia France turned out so many times! Yeah, because Hetalia France is my favourte anime characters. I think Hetalia grouo cosplay will be a good choice for those who wants to do a group cosplay with their friends. You just need to prepare same cosplay costumes as them and you will finish a successful group cosplay:)

Hetalia Group Cosplay

Hetalia Group Cosplay

My own Hetalia France Cosplay Boots:

cosplay shoes

Hetalia France Cosplay Boots

What Is Important In Your Cosplay?

Hetalia South Italy cosplay

Do you think what is important in a successful cosplay? Certainly, different people has different ideas against this problem. Someone will say, cosplay costumes. Someone will say jewelries, someone will say cosplay wig, make up and so on. I will say small details: cosplay shoes! Do you think so?

In this Hetalia South Italy cosplay photoshoot I show you, many people will pay attention to her costumes, haistyle, posture or make up but I just pay attention to her same South Italy cosplay boots. So I think same cosplay shoes (small details) can’t be overlooked.

My own Hetalia South Italy cosplay boots displaying:

Hetalia South Italy cosplay boots
K-ON Kotobuki Tsumugi Cosplay Wig

Halloween Costumes Idea: Hetalia Prussia Cosplay

Hetalia Prussia cosplay

Do you want to be the most cool people in your Halloween party? No matter you are girl or boy, i think Hetalia Prussia cosstumes will be a perfect choice for you! You can dress yourself as him: same cosplay costume and same cosplay accessories including same cosplay boots, same cosplay wig and so on. Do you want to have a try?

Hetalia Prussia cosplay boots
Hetalia Prussia Seven Years’ War Cosplay Boots

How To Do A Hetalia Hong Kong Cosplay?

Hetalia Hong Kong cosplay

Do you want to know how to do a Hetalia Hong Kong cosplay? I believe you will be interested in this cosplay topic if you are a fan of this cool anime character. My tips are the following:

First, drying yourself a same hairstyle as him or buying a same cosplay wig. Second, preparing a same set of Hetalia Hong Kong cosplay costumes as him. This will help you have a entire cosplay of Hong Kong. Last, imitating some interesting postures as him, this will help you attract others’ sight just like the coses in the cosplay photoshoot i show you.

Hetalia Hong Kong cosplay boots
Hetalia Hong Kong Cosplay Boots

Hetalia China Cosplay Photoshooting Displaying

Shoes cosplay

Shoes cosplay1

Do you think the photography sceneary is so beautiful and make you have a comfortable feeling? I feel so good onli if i see this set of cosplay photoshoots. China is my favourite anime character in this animation Hetalia. Who is your favourite?

I plan to do a Hetalia China cosplay recently when everything is well prepared:) The following is a pair of Hetalia China cosplay boots which i will wear for my Hetalia China cosplay:

cosplay shoes

Hetalia China Cosplay Boots