Kingdom Hearts Group Cosplay: Terra, Aqua And Ventus Cosplay

shoes cosplay

Cosers: Lisa Rye, Christie and their friends (I am sorry that i don’t name)
Photographer: Kerry

Do you like this cool group cosplay? Do you know who they are? If you play a game which is called Kingdom Hearts and i believe you must know they. They are three main characters of video game Kingdom Hearts: Terra, Aqua And Ventus Cosplay.

I have a pair of Kingdom Hearts Ventus Cosplay Shoes as my collection:

cosplay shoes
Kingdom Hearts Ventus Cosplay Shoes


Kingdom Hearts Characters Group —–Terra And Ven Cosplay

shoes cosplay

Terra and Ven from video game Kingdom Hearts

Cosers: Court and her friends
Photographer: Tony Quan
Cosplay Lightspot: their unique cosplay dressing

P.S. Do you have a amazing feeling when you see this cosplay photo? I have a cool feeling when i see this Kingdom Hearts characters group Cosplay. I like their unique cosplay costumes and cosplay props—-interesting weapons.

My own Kingdom Hearts Terra cosplay boots displaying:

cosplay shoes

Kingdom Hearts Terra Cosplay Boots

Kingdom Hearts II Group Cosplay

Kingdom Hearts Cosplay

Cosplay theme: Kingdom Hearts II cosplay
Characters: Yuna, Rikku and Paine
Cosers: Dobes, Solo and Nina
Photographer: Amanda
Cosplay Lightspots: Yuna cosplay boots—so attractive!

My Comment: These cosers show us three real Kingdom Hearts characters: Yuna, Rikku and Paine. I want to say that the coser’s Yuna cosplay boots attract my attention when i see this photo because it is in the obvious place of the photo—it is the lightspot of the cosplay. So you shoud prepare some significant things of the character you will cosplay in order to help your cosplay have lightspots.

My own Yuna cosplay boots (pink) displaying:

Kingdom Hearts Cosplay shoes

Kingdom Hearts II Yuna Cosplay Boots